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Showerhead Watersaver

Conserve Water Funnel

Conserve Water – For our drought customers in California and along the west coast, this Wonderfunnel is for you!

Follow these instructions for successful results!

1) Choose a location for the receiving container (you provide). A container from two to five gallons in size with a handle is recommended. The front corner opposite the entry is ideal for walk-in-showers. For a shower/tub combo, place just outside the curtain.

2) Pick location for adhesive wall hook. It should be level with the showerhead and about 8″ away from it, on the same side of showerhead as the receiving container (see picture). Area should be clean, dry and smooth. Do not mount over a grout line. Clean area with isopropyl alcohol and let dry completely. Peel film from back of adhesive hook and press into place. Push the center first, then each of the four corners, then the center one more time very firmly to assure a solid mount.

3) Screw the hose to the bottom of the funnel. The funnel has 2 “ears” with holes in each at the top of the funnel. Try hanging by each one of these ears and see which one lets the hose curve towards the receiving container the best. You may also grasp the hose just below the funnel and twist it a little to help orient the hose into a position where it is laying close to the shower wall and out of the way.

4) Place end of hose into receiving container. In most cases, the hose will be too long. Cut end so that it is just an inch or two above the bottom of the container. This can be easily done with a knife. scissors, or cutters. After using a time or two, you may find that securing the hose to the top of the container with a zip-tie or clip will help keep the hose in a more desirable position. Make sure there are no kinks in the hose.


To use the funnel, remove from wall hook, hold close under showerhead and turn on water. When warm water is felt, return the funnel to the wall hook in the same position (using the same earhole) as it was before. This will keep the hose in the same place and out of the way. Any water in the funnel will drain down to the receiving container in a second or two. Leave funnel in place until next use.

For our drought stricken California and West Coast customers, we designed this product to help you conserve water. With water rationing required and instructions issued to reduce water usage in many areas, this product provides a painless method to accomplish these goals. Water collected from the shower head using this product is drinkable. Conservation is important to us.

We have already been contacted by various CA customers providing videos of ways they have used their Wonderfunnel to conserve water. We would love to hear from you!